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Who We Are

Millennium Wealth Management was founded in 2013 by Gary Pryka. Gary stands as the firm’s Managing Director and the firm continues to thrive based on Gary’s original vision of three founding principles:

  • First, each client’s financial needs are personal and unique. We recognize that developing strategies for this uniqueness is an integral part of the investment relationship and a client’s best interest is always put first.
  • Second, clients have complex financial needs. We develop a total approach to investment management that includes risk-management, tax-management and guidance with wealth-transfer strategies.
  • Third, we serve as ever-present consultants to our clients, guiding them through a lifetime of investing, navigating volatility, and managing risk.

Shortly after the firms founding, Gary embarked on a journey to find other financial professionals with similar ideals and the desire to run a client centered financial advisory and investment management firm. Today the team consists of:

  • John Ursu and Albert Pryka
    John and Albert bring with them the knowledge and experience gained from many years of working with multiple large Wall Street firms. The founding principles of Millennium Wealth Management resonated with John and Albert which made Millennium Wealth their ideal destination. Their additions created tremendous synergies and a wealth of investment experience to the firm.
  • Andrew Wilson and Cameron Staley
    Andrew and Cameron have built industry reputations based on integrity, experience, and trust. Andrew and Cameron had a deep desire to find a firm that had a culture that celebrated a client’s success and uniqueness. These two well regarded financial professionals are an integral part of the Millennium Wealth management team and have helped set the stage for future growth.
  • George Sukkar
    George joined the Millennium Wealth Management team in December 2018. George brings over 20 years of financial advisor experience and knowledge. Throughout his career, George has maintained a long standing relationship with Millennium Wealth Management and joined the ranks because he believes in our operating principles and our client centered focus.

This team brings a wealth of experience and expertise from large Wall Street and local investment firms. Our team has a proven industry reputation built on integrity, experience, and trust. The combination of experience and talent within our team creates tremendous synergies that promote future growth for Millennium Wealth Management.

The team at Millennium Wealth Management is supported in their mission by LPL Financial, the nation’s largest independent broker/dealer*, and the Private Advisor Group.

As part of a larger organization, Millennium Wealth Management has access to significant resources and the support of
large and well capitalized organizations.